Anstey Garrick Green mixed media artist

About Anstey Garrick Green


I am fascinated by how information is presented visually in such things as maps, which are providing data succinctly but at the same time are visually interesting. I think this fascination plays out in my work, sometimes in bold, sometimes in subtle ways.

Anstey Garrick GreenMuch of my work is in the form of abstract collage or construction made from coloured card, tissue paper, cut pieces of paper painted with wax colour medium, felt, printed paper and thread. The layering of both opaque and transparent materials and the manipulation of colour are important processes to me.

I constantly want to create works which are vibrant with colour and show the work of my own hand. I play with the idea of form and colour tugging against the ordered formalism of a grid.
Using wax gives me exciting possibilities of creating unique patterns and textures in a large range of colours.

To me, each small square of wax is a mini artwork in itself. Some works combine a variety of different coloured squares which contrast with each other but build into a vivid bigger structure. Using the technique of applying layers of wax over each other creates a fascinating surface.

My work has developed out of my desire to explore the way in which the details of people's lives come together to make patterns and structures and how these take shape in public spaces. These are matters which are of interest to social scientists and cultural theorists but my interest in them is as an artist and thus as somebody interested in the visual possibilities.

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